Svarlbard - Kingdom of the Ice Bear

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So there we were - our first meeting of 2017 no less - and the chairman back off his hols - what more could you ask?

No visiting speaker live in the hall this evening - instead a recorded presentation by seasoned photographers Pam and Eddy Lane with the fascinating title "Svarlbard - Kingdom of the Ice Bear". So not surprisingly we made a virtual journey up to the frozen North (and believe me we chose the coldest night so far this winter to show this!) to see magnificent polar bears.

Now the photography was stunning - and the commentary (as far as it went) was hugely informative. However - as we all sat there spellbound - the dvd developed a life of its own - had obviously been watching too much Ronnie Barker 'cos we went from Arkwright to answering the previous question - if you know what I mean! Made following the story rather interesting though! Finally it gave up altogether!! But there were other shorter presentations on the disc which we were able to watch and enjoy once they'd been downloaded to the laptop's hard drive - and very good they were too!

Pam and Tom's images were so stunning though - so perhaps we might see them in person one day?


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