Enprint competition / Discussion session

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Another meeting of two halves!

The first half saw the eagerly anticipated annual enprint competition. For this, club members bring along a panel of five enprints for judging by everyone present (our version of the Big Society). This really is a part of club history! Remember enprints? We took our roll of newly exposed 35mm print film (remember film?) to Boots (other firms are available) and got back the negatives plus all our pics as 6 x 4inch prints - enprints!! But now in our high-tech digital era many of us submit 6x4 pics fresh from the Epson (other printers are available).

Anyway, we all thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone else's panels - a huge variety of subjects from the natural world to buildings; from world travel to people. It's quite hard to mark these - after all, it's all very personal isn't it - what one person loves another doesn't like - but that's what makes photography so interesting, doesn't it? (well, that's my opinion anyway and I'm sticking to it!). By the end of the evening the winners were declared as:

  1. Graham Mulrooney
  2. Tony Bates
  3. John Sexton

Congratulations to them and well done to all who entered! Full results below:

1 Y 708
2 Q 701
3 H 693
4 N 656
5 I 653
6 L 633
7 W 617
8 K 611
9 G 601
10 R 597
=11 E 593
=11 F 593
13 J 588
14 S 587
15 M 576
16 A 570
17 U 565
18 P 562
19 V 547
20 D 532
=21 B 506
=21 T 506
23 C 486

After a well-deserved refreshment break, we had our (again annual) discussion session to give all members present a chance to have their say about the club. It was chaired by our vice-chair Graham Piper in the absence of our chairman (wot a lot of chairs!) who's swanned (or kiwi'd) off to New Zealand for his hols. There was lively discussion on a number of topics such as the set subjects for next year's competitions (we decided on Textures & patterns and All in a line), the annual dinner and the summer evening photo jaunts. The suggestion for as many as possible to take photos as a pictorial record of One Day in April was well received, the day being the Royal Wedding Day which, being a bank holiday, will mean most of us will have the opportunity to take part!


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