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posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

What?? Two weeks ago? ........ something called Christmas seemed to get in the way of blogs! So while we're still in 2016 - here's the last blog of this year!

And a lovely evening it was too, with superb images to delight and entertain us all as It was our annual Audio-Visual competition when members are invited / cajoled / threatened (delete as necessary) into submitting AV sequences to be judged this year by our guest judge (no - not Santa!) Roger McCallum who braved the journey from Woodley to be with us.

We were treated - as always - to some great sequences varying from woodland through the seasons to a county show. This is designed as a fun competition and Roger entered into the Christmas spirit of the event giving good, constructive comments on each sequence covering the subject matter, photographic quality (always good!) and technical expertise.

So who were the eventual winners? Well in reverse order ...... wait for it ....... In third place with a sequence titled "The Royal Cornwall Show" was Ivor Cowley; second was our very own chairman Alan Copeland with "Hidden Henley" (do I see a "Curiosity" coming here?) ..... and in first place was David Dare with a beautiful sequence showing the colours of rocks and formations in "The Colourful World of Caves".

A great evening! Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to the winners! And of course many thanks to Roger for journeying through the wilds of Berkshire and Oxfordshire to be with us,

Oh yes .... and that wasn't all - cos after the AVs came the annual Christmas Buffet provided courtesy of the committee - with all sorts of seasonal goodies to eat and drink!

It's too late to wish everyone merry Christmas ... but not too late to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

See you on 4th Jan!


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