China - A Taste Of The Orient

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

What a superb evening we had last Wednesday! We packed into the village hall to hear all about China (the country - not the crockery!) in the company of Micki Aston.

This was a very detailed insight into its daily life through Micki's great street photography (and she didn't get arrested!). We were treated to some wonderful character studies - especially some of the older people. Then there were the children - so keen to have their photos taken (with the say-so of their proud parents!). As Micki pointed out though - each child immediately struck a pose - star quality or what!!!

And the scenery - wow! We saw the modern buildings of Hong Kong and Shanghai - and also traditional Chinese architecture. Helps to have an obliging other half to act as human interest when needed doesn't it! Then we were taken by means of Micki's images up the Li (think it was!) River surrounded by those iconic pointy mountain peaks. Here we saw a traditional cormorant fisherman gliding across the river with his fishing birds - the lighting making this an incredible image! Micki also took us on to the Great Wall - even finding a section where there were no crowds of sightseers to contend with!

A great evening Micki - we thoroughly enjoyed your images and your narrative. Now we look forward to your next visit!


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