Digital Is Photography's Third Age

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Well, we all packed into the village hall on 12th October and it was well worth it 'cos we had a really interesting evening - Ian Nash (no- not that one - this one was a visiting speaker!) came to give a presentation with the title 'Digital Is Photography's Third Age - As The Digital Universe Explodes How Is Photography Impacted?' A long title - but photography's been a long time developing ('scuse the pun!).

This looked like it was one for the techies amongst us - but no - it was interesting for all! Well, Ian took us right back to the First Age to the pioneers of photography - Niépce & co with their hugely bulky cameras, long exposures and up to their elbows in noxious chemicals! On to the truly portable cameras courtesy of Kodak etc bringing photography to the man in the street. Then the compact cameras, rangefinders and SLRs - all leading to the present plethora of digital cameras of all sorts and sizes!

And finally phones. Ian was closely involved with Nokia as the mobile phone revolution expanded and was able to take us through the process of evolution from the early 'bricks' through the Nokia 6200 series (still got one!!) and N series (still got one of those too!!) to the present smartphones with their capability of sophisticated photo-taking.

The evening's second half was an interesting question and answer session with Ian about the capabilities of smartphones - and the question of 'where's it all going?' (no - this is just a blog -I'm not covering all that here!!).

A great evening Ian - interesting, informative - and I for one now look at my mobile with a lot more understanding!


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