72 Hours In Finland and the Calgary Stampede

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So last week we ventured up into the far north - (no - not Aylesbury!) - Finland - land of the midnight sun!! This was courtesy of Ivor Porter who shared his images of bears with us. Well - he survived and was here to tell the tale ......

So off he went to the borders of Russia to spend 72 hours - yes - 72 hours in a hide with only only another photographer and several bears for company. What's more he didn't sleep for 72 hours!! (would you if there were bears outside??) And of course facilities in the hide were minimal - what you might call the BEAR essentials. And of course he captured some wonderful images of brown bears - including family groups with cubs - awwww! Apparently 24 hours of daylight can be disconcerting (but not to the bears apparently!).

But that wasn't all Ivor shared with us ..... he started off by showing pictures of him creating a reflection pool in his garden - and then some of the results from this - superb images!

After our coffee break Ivor took us over the Atlantic to Canada for the Calgary Stampede. Again some great images captured from the ringside - superb action shots of this fast moving, dust-and -mud bespattered event. We learnt a bit about the Rodeo too - especially about bucking broncos. Well - you'd not be too pleased with a tight strap fastened round your more delicate bits either - so bucking seems the only suitable reaction to me!!

A great evening Ivor - lovely variety and superb quality of images and some technical info too! Look forward to seeing you again!


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