Curiosities In The Cotswolds

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now that was a curious evening wasn't it ...... I'm referring of course to last Wednesday's presentation by our esteemed Chairman .... Alan Copeland LRPS APAGB. He took us on a tour of both the picturesque and the oddities to be found just west of here in the glorious Cotswolds. The presentation was called "Curiosities In The Cotswolds" - or to give it the Leonard Sachs (remember him?) treatment on The Good Old Days ...... "Copeland's Captivating Cotswold Curiosities!!"

Well - it certainly did what it said on the tin (so to speak!). Alan has a nose for the unusual, odd or just plain barmy - and it's surprising how much of it can be found. There were odd signposts (proper finger signs too (no - not that sort!)) pointing us to place names bordering on the bizarre .. and as for street names .... I'd love to live in Bow Wow (have to be completely barking of course!).

But naturally, being the Cotswolds there was the magnificent scenery, the chocolate-box thatched cottages in warm honey-coloured stone and the villages which often seem to have rivers or streams, crossed by stone bridges, flowing down the high street.

A lovely relaxing and entertaining evening, Mr Copeland .... Thank you for sharing your images and your thoughts with us. We now look forward to another edition of curiosities (where next I wonder?).


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