Street Photography - My Experience by John Douglass

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So last Wednesday we learnt all about shooting from the hip! No - we hadn't had a wild west themed evening - it was all about the art of street photography with John Douglass.

We saw examples which John largely produces in gritty black and white in square format giving the images a retro feel. Fascinating shots too of people going about their daily business, providing the opportunity for interesting candid portrait shots.

John gave us a detailed explanation of the equipment he uses - it has to be compact so that it's not obvious and the settings, unsurprisingly have to be predetermined (ah! Those days of depth of field scales on the lens!). But he doesn't always use digital either - his equipment apparently includes point and shoot film cameras too!

A really interesting evening - thank you John for sharing your expertise in this field (or street?) with us!


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