Monochrome Digital Image Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

And so we all flocked to the village hall last Wednesday - well worth going too 'cos it was our annual monochrome projected image competition and there were some really great photographs to be enjoyed. The man in the hot seat this year was Gordon Roberts CPAGB who came all the way from the Wallingford Camera Club in wildest Oxfordshire.

Monochrome really takes us back to the essentials of photography doesn't it - after all this is where many of us started (me with a little boxy thingy from Woolies in the 50s wot took inch square pics!) - and lots of the world's great images are in black and white (or shades thereof!). So - how did our club members' pictures compare? Jolly well is the answer. We were treated to some really stunning images with, as you'd expect, a wide variety of subject matter. There was architecture, this medium picking out the stark shapes and lines of structures and buildings (always look good in mono don't they!). Then there was landscape and seascape; fleeting images caught in the street; people - both in portrait and in their environment; nature (noticed people looking under their chairs when the spider pic appeared!!); sculpture and close-up details - a superb range! Gordon gave good, constructive comments on each - nice sense of humour too - and produced a wide range of marks.

So - who were the highest scorers and who won? Well there was a three-way tie for third place with Danny Callcut, Trevor King and Tilly Jamieson each having images that scored 19 points: "Father and Son" by Danny, "Approaching Lights" by Trevor and "Fossilised Lights" by Tilly ('light' theme going on here?). Two images scored the maximum 20 points - "Curves" by Nigel Farmer and "The Font" by Ceri Jones. And the final winner was ...... Nigel's "Curves"!

What an excellent evening! Well done to all the high scorers - and indeed to all who entered and treated us to such wonderful images - and hearty congrats to Nigel for winning and to Ceri for coming a very close second.

Finally - thanks to Gordon for his great judging - see you again in the not too distant future!


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