posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

What a lovely evening we had last Wednesday! A packed house listened to Carole Scott tell us about her adventures in Ethiopia illustrated by her images. Not sure how much I for one knew about this country before last Wed - but I sure know a lot more about it now - and not just the hard facts 'cos Carole let us into her personal feelings about it and its people!

Carole started by taking us up into the high Simien Mountains in the north of the country - plenty of climbing here - with the accompaniment of what seemed like hundreds of Gelada baboons - who were apparently quite indifferent to humans coming into their territory! Looked exhausting though - and because of the deep valleys walking seemed to include lots of downs in between the ups (and we saw what this did for Carole's boots!!). She then took us through her images into Ethiopia's medieval past with turreted palaces and the amazing churches of Lalibela hewn out of the rockface - still in use too!

We enjoyed Carole's pictures of the people she met together with her descriptions of them and their daily lives - and most were apparently eager and willing to have their photos taken! Then of course there was their famous and delicious coffee - apparently best enjoyed with a bowl of popcorn (must try this!).

Thank you for visiting us to share your experiences and images with us Carole - we had a great evening!


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