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This week we welcomed our neighbouring club, Goring and Streatley (Known henceforth in this article as G&S which does not stand for Gilbert and Sullivan) for a home match (for us!). The judge for this was Stan McCartin - he of the soft Scottish accent (but would it hide any barbs for us as he gave his verdicts on our images?).

This "friendly" battle (Stan was quick to remind us that in Glasgow there's no such thing as a friendly one!) was a little different from the usual format as it was a combination of digitally projected images in the first half and AV presentations in the second.

The judging of the digitally projected images resulted in constructive comments accompanied by Stan's habitual dry humour. It's always good to see the pictures produced by the members of other clubs isn't it - and how would ours stand up against our neighbour's? There were superb and widely varied images from both clubs. At the end we were delighted to learn that we had won by 271 points to G&S's 244! We also gained all four 20's awarded: Rod Norman for "Out of the Blue", Bill Pound for "Barn Owl", and two for John Sexton for "Reed Frog" and "Gone Fishin". Well done to them! (we might have to say that very loudly for Bill 'cos he lives in East Anglia!!).

This was followed by six AV presentations - 3 from each club. In this we were taken to Britain, Ireland, Madeira and the USA, being treated to some great images and music.Stan viewed them and then gave his verdict based not only on the quality of the images but also the transitions used and on the flow of each presentation. At the end of this we were definitely as pleased as dogs with several tails each - we won again - this time 56 points to G&S's 49! The one 20 was awarded to a presentation from Whitchurch Hill (no names for these on the score sheets!).

Yes (or och aye)! We'll invite Stan back again!

Many thanks to all those whose images were shown, and especially to the members of G&S for their contributions to this exciting local derby!


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