Picture Of The Year Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

A selection of the best images from our ladder competition this evening 'cos it was the annual Picture of the Year competition - and who better to be in the hot seat for this than Stan McCartin - he of the Gallic lilt and considerable photographic expertise!

Being the picture of the year, there were stunning prints and projected photographs for us to see and appreciate - a winner to be found from each - and then an ultimate champion image!

We started off with the prints which we'd all had the chance to view as we came in. A selection of both monochrome and colour here with, as you'd expect, a wide range of subjects. Then on to the projected images. Again superb work - with an even greater variety of subject matter - a real challenge for the judge! But Stan, of course, was well up to this (in spite of a sore throat!). His comments on each were, as always, insightful, detailed and constructive - and naturally, being Stan - there were his quiet and highly amusing asides!!

So what were the final results? Well - in the print section there were two 20s scored: "Jurassic Coast" by Sally Waygood and "Lloyds of London" by Nigel Farmer. In the projected section there were four 20s: "Three Frogs" by John Sexton, "Confrontation" by Dorothy Wood, "Misty Stillness by Sally Waygood and "Lovers' Tiff" by Nigel Glover-Wright (thought - could it have been Lovers' jpeg??)

And now for the winners! In the print competition it was Nigel Farmer's "Lloyds of London" and in the projected images Nigel G-W's "Lover's Tiff". Superbly done both!

Finally, it was whittled down to the overall winner - the Picture Of The Year - that superb picture of two lions having a 'domestic' - "Lovers' Tiff" by Nigel Glover Wright. Hearty congratulations to him - and thanks to all who entered their images to give us such a great evening. And of course our thanks to Stan for being, as always, superb judge.


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