It's All In The Mind by Ken Scott

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Well that was different wasn't it! Not only that - we had to spend the evening thinking deeply (my brain wasn't ready for that on a Wednesday evening!). It was, of course, Ken Scott's new presentation "It's All In The Mind".

We hadn't seen Ken for a while - last time he was talking about his "365" project - which is now apparently a permanent feature of his daily life! And before that he'd visited to talk about his fantastic mountain photography. So this evening we saw yet another side of his approach to photography - the thinking and reasoning that goes on when making an image. He's a psychologist, so unsurprisingly he terms this "photopsychology". This was designed as an interactive evening - so Ken would present us with an image and then brainstorm our thoughts about it. For example - what did we see in the photograph? An interesting exercise in judging images. We soon became fixated on dolphins!! We looked at the reasoning behind the capturing of an image - what do we want our audience to see and understand? Then there is the use of light - a particular strength of Ken's images - together with colour and texture. We also considered how the colour we see in an image can be temporarily affected by ambient light - an interesting exercise!

An excellent evening - don't think we've ever had to work quite so hard! It really made us all think about the factors which make for impactful images and the perceptions of those viewing (must remember to think about it all next time I press the shutter button!!). Thank you Ken - another superb session - hope it's not too long before we see you again!


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