Digital Competition No 4 (no set subject)

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

That was it ........ already! And in case you're wondering what .... the last of the ladder competitions for this season - that's what!

Of course being the last one there was no set subject - so a wide variety of images on show! And the man with the difficult job was Peter Walmsley LRPS who we last saw back in January talking about selling pictures.

Well - there were landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes (but no ES-capes ho! ho!). There was also a good variety of natural history from varieties of lizard, birds and butterflies to trees and flowers. Architecture, both modern city and historic made an appearance as did images which 'caught the moment'. Hugely difficult for a judge to differentiate and score! However, Peter was clear regarding his criteria for marking and he was thorough in his critique of each image (including titles - he seems to like the imaginative rather than factual - unlike some other judges!).

So of course we ended up with high scorers and winners. There were five 20s scored: "Woodland Golden Dawn" by Ceri Jones (which also gained the star); "Red Necked Sri Lanka Peacock" by Tony Bates; "Kingfisher" by Nigel Farmer and TWO by Danny Callcut - "Water Dragon" and "Crested Gecko"! And finally the winners ..... in joint second place were Tony Bates and Nigel Farmer both scoring 39 points - and in first place with a perfect 40 was Danny Callcut!

An excellent evening! Congratulations to the high scorers and pack leaders - and thanks to all who entered and gave us the pleasure of viewing your superb images. Thanks finally to Peter for doing a sterling job in the hot seat!


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