An Evening With Nigel Glover-Wright LRPS

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So this week we were taken all the way to Namibia (well, virtually, that is!) in the expert company of our very own Nigel Glover-Wright LRPS.

Nigel, as we all know, is a regular traveller to Africa and we've always enjoyed his images of areas such as the Masai Mara - so this was a bit different! To start with we could all see that Namibia has a fascinating landscape and so our intrepid wildlife photographer also gave us something a bit different - landscapes - and showed us he's great at those too!!

Nigel took us right through his trip from beginning to end. Loved the vehicles the small party was travelling in - swivel seats and gimbal-mounted supports for the long lenses! And they had to climb up the side to get in! But it was the animal life they'd gone to see - and what superb images Nigel brought back with him! We met jackals, lions, rhinoceros, zebra and giraffes to name but a few which came to drink at the waterholes and were captured by his camera. Pretty lively some of them were too (the animals that is, not Nigel's party - though they might well have been lively as well) - 'cos it was clearly the season for getting a bit frisky (this particularly applies to one lioness!). Nigel cleverly captured the males' fights for domination on bursts of frames which he then showed as fast-moving sequences - really effective as we could see the ferocity of the battles with clouds of dust being kicked up. Oh yes - we found out about the elephants' adaptation to the desert conditions too - they've developed large feet - pretty impressive as they were big to start with! Unfortunately for Nigel the cheetahs seemed to have hidden themselves away. And we know how much he loves cheetahs!! Well - there was one family making their way through the bush - a bit of compensation then! Of course there were the birds - a speciality of Nigel's - and we were treated to really superb images showing their vivid colours.

As mentioned earlier - landscape featured this time and particularly the amazing golden sand dunes with their sharply defined faces and edges in the low sun. And there was a huge dried river bed dotted with ancient, dead trees. Apparently when the rains come this livens up a bit!

A superb evening Nigel. We thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful images of a part of Africa we rarely see!


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