Print Competition No 4

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Here we are already - the last of the season's ladder competitions for prints - don't time fly when you're having fun - eh?

Being the last comp. there was no set subject so the points were awarded on photographic merit alone - and boy! - were there some great images this evening! Difficult job judging them - and who better to undertake this task than Caroline Colgate who travelled all the way from the environs of darkest Bracknell to be with us.

As per usual for print competition there were two parts - monochrome (or more strictly black and white) and colour - judged in that order with winners for each. So what did Caroline have to see? In the mono section architecture featured - a good subject for moody, gritty images - but there were also photographs of boats, railways, nature and landscape. Then came the colour prints - slightly more of these - with an even greater variety of subject matter for Caroline to deal with. Well - she certainly showed her expertise as a judge, giving insightful comments regarding composition and the technical handling of each image. Really helpful comments too - useful for future entries!

So what happened then you ask? Well - in the monochrome section there were three 20s awarded - One to Ceri Jones for 'Morning Woodland Light' and TWO to Nigel Farmer for 'The Secret Door' and 'Rising Premiums'. And the top places were as follows: in third place was Tony Bates with a total score of 37; second came Ceri Jones with 39 points - and in first place - Nigel Farmer with a perfect 40! Now for the colour section. Three 20s again here: one to Ray Lewis for 'Lunch On The Beach With Friends' and two again to Nigel Farmer for 'Baker Street' and 'A Trip Round The Bend'. The top placings in this section: third place went to Sally Waygood with a total of 37 points; second place to Ceri Jones with 38 points - and - yes - first place once again to Nigel Farmer with another perfect 40!! A quick maths exercise will tell you that the overall top scorer of the evening was Nigel Farmer 'cos he managed to score four - yes FOUR - 20s!!!

Well - that was a good evening wasn't it? Congratulations to all high scorers and top placements - and indeed to all who entered! And of course a big thank-you to Caroline for her superb judging.


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