Natural History Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

We enjoyed last Wednesday a lot didn't we! And what was it? Our annual Natural History competition - that what!

In the hot seat was Micki Aston who'd travelled from the wilds of Windsor to be with us. And we were on our best behaviour too! She was presented with a wonderful array of wildlife prints - followed by an equally stunning set of projected images. Micki obviously liked them as much as we did - indeed, she was highly complimentary regarding the standard of our club's photography ( well - we've been saying it for years!!). The images covered just about every aspect of the natural world from plant life to large animals - with lots in between! We had lions (not looking at all friendly), birds of all sorts - local and exotic - showing their behaviour and habitat - small mammals such as harvest mice (you don't get much smaller than that) and large ones like large apes. The quality of the images both prints and projected was absolutely superb - Micki saying on a number of occasions - 'This is one for external competitions'. She was extremely thorough, remarking on the subject matter and the photographic quality of each image - and making helpful comments to help ongoing improvement too before awarding her marks,

Well - if you want to know who won what - watch this space - or look on the website!

Many thanks to all those who entered and made this such a good evening, and a special thank-you to Micki for her super judging. We look forward to welcoming you again in the not too distant future!


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