Classic Boats Of Scotland

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

What a great set of images we saw last Wednesday! We were visited by Kathy Mansfield who photographs boats. Not just any old boats mark you - serious ocean-going racing yachts!

Kathy's work is to be found in some of the world's foremost boating publications so it was a real privilege to be treated to so many images - and with the stories behind them!

She started by showing us how she manages to keep her cameras dry - a feat in itself! And then the images themselves taken at regattas and sailing events around the coast of Britain and beyond - we felt as if we were in the craft experiencing the drenching seas crashing over the decks! Many of these she told us were taken from the rigid inflatable boats in attendance. Not for the faint-hearted then! There were also the images of the craft themselves - majestic to say the least - and photographed in superb light - often into it showing the translucence of the soaking wet sails.

An evening of awesome images and great narrative which we all thoroughly enjoyed. To see more of Kathy's work, just visit her website:


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