Digital Competition No 3 "Reflections"

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

We're rattling through the season now - and here we are already with Digital Competition No. 3!

The set subject this time was "Reflections" and the man in the hot seat was David Sherwell all the way from Reading Camera Club. Turns out he's an international judge too - so a good job we were all on our best behaviour (aren't we always??).

Well, with a subject like this there was always going to be a great variety of images wasn't there! More than that - when we rolled through the entries at the start of the evening it was clear that this evening we were to be treated to really superb photographs! There were, of course, several images using water in its various forms as a reflective medium (rivers, lakes - even puddles!) but we also saw shots using windows in buildings, mirrors and windscreens. We saw reflections of people, bridges, buildings, not to mention frogs and birds. Throughout, David was extremely thorough in his comments, looking at subject matter, composition, lighting and technicalities.

What did he decide? Well, by the end of the evening three 20s had been awarded. They went to Bob Johnson for "St John's Cathedral Brisbane"; Nigel Farmer for "Double Take" and Rachel Paton for "Sonning Floods" (which also got the 'star' award! And who were those in the top places? In joint 4th came Tony Bates and Dorothy Wood with a total of 36 points; third was Sylvia Blackmore with 37 points and sharing first place were Danny Callcut and Rachel Paton, both scoring 38.

Congratulations to all high scorers and top placements - and indeed to all who entered and made it such a good evening!

And finally a "thank you" to our judge for the evening. Apparently this was his last judging "job" (we should have had more swans - especially singing ones!). Many thanks and our best wishes to you David!


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