An Evening With Nigel And Ian

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So this time it was two for the price of one - not bad eh? Home grown as well! Two of our stalwart members, Nigel Fenner and Ian Lewis shared some of their images and expertise with us - both have been taking photographs for longer than they probably care to remember - and a jolly interesting evening it made too!

In the first half Nigel treated us to a series of images around Reading - our nearest town (for most of us anyway) - but how lovely to see familiar places in a new light! It was a reminder of some locations we might take for granted 'cos we see them so often - but some images reminded us that there are those places and things that are less familiar! The statue of "The Executioner" for example - why is it there in the Forbury? And then there's the new sculpture commemorating the bravery of Trooper Potts who won a VC in the Gallipoli campaign! The streets and buildings of Reading have been well documented by Nigel in his superb photographs ranging from a lovely contre-jour taken in Queen Victoria Street to "The Blade" which now dominates the skyline. Among Nigel's images were also some great shots taken in and around Reading General station making creative use of the available light on the shapes and patterns of this new edifice!

After the break it was the turn of Ian with a very different set of images. His presentation was in four parts - images of the Thames; the coast; Wales and finally 'here and there'. Principally a landscape and scenic photographer, Ian is also a self-confessed manipulator of images (not all of them mind!). Many of them were captured late in the day (and in two cases early in the morning - but that's rare!!) making the most of the low sun and natural saturation. Others though were treated to the addition of several layers of texture and toning to give them a "painterly" appearance (Ian describes these as his "Marmite" images). He also gave descriptions of when and where his images were taken - and how they were processed using Photoshop together with various plugins such as Topaz Adjust and Perfect Effects (other programs are available!).

It's great to see what our own members produce isn't it - so many thanks to Nigel and Ian for sharing their photography with us.


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