Cash In On Your Passion - Providing Images For Microstock

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Late blog this week I'm afraid - computer wasn't well but it's feeling a lot better now!!

Well - last week's meeting was jolly informative wasn't it! We had a visit from Peter Walmsley LRPS who came to tell us all about selling images on microstock (no- they don't have to be of tiny things!!).

He took us through the whole process starting with how to prepare our photos for acceptance. Heavens - they're mighty picky! Not surprisingly everything has to be well in focus. Then there's composition - as this is mainly a source for publishing we have to make sure that the composition allows for writing to be inserted. And as for grain - well I reckon that most of us enlarge our pics to deal with any noise using some form of luminosity control - but looks as if the moderators there enlarge enormously - and any bit of graininess (is there such a word?) means rejection!! Mind you - what gets through must be absolute perfection (which is good!). Peter illustrated this with some of his images which get accepted and sell and finally looked at a selection of our projected pictures and gave them the moderator treatment!!

A very useful evening - certainly made us look at picture quality in detail! Thank you Peter for coming along and sharing your expertise with us.


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