I Would Walk 500 Miles

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now that was a thoroughly enjoyable evening wasn't it! Last Wednesday that is, when Rod Bird from Maidenhead Camera Club came to give us an illustrated account of his walks. Apparently he didn't walk all the way to Whitchurch though - saw his car in the car park!!

His presentation was called "I Would Walk 500 Miles" - but as the song says " ..And I would walk 500 more .." which seems to be exactly what he's doing (cos he hasn't finished yet!!!). His aim seems to be to walk the length of as many of our principal waterways as possible together with a few long distance paths (think he looked shorter than last time we saw him!). The starting point was the Thames path all the way from Gravesend to the source at Thames Head. Not content with this he then set off to trace the course of the Severn which bubbles out of the ground (unlike our own Thames) at Plynlimon in the mid-west of Wales. Apparently the going was more difficult here with less defined and muddier paths (could have changed the title to "When The Going Gets Tough - The Tough Get Going!").

You'd have thought this would have been enough - but no - there was always the Trent to take him to the Humber - and then a nice seaside stroll through Yorkshire to Northumberland! Back down south - for a ramble (??) across the South Downs - but is this enough? Apparently not - Rod's already planning another walk - could it be across Scotland?

A superb evening Rod - thanks for making the comparatively short trip to Whitchurch-on-Thames - we thoroughly enjoyed the stories of your walks!


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