The Gambia and Japan

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Wot - another week where the guest speaker's been struck down with the dreaded whateveritisitis! But are we downhearted - never - for into the breach steps our very own intrepid explorer Nigel Glover-Wright with two (yes two!) new presentations.

In the first of these Nigel took us on safari into The Gambia. He explained that most of the images would be of birds as this country hosts a huge variety resulting in specialist birding tours. Superb images appeared on the screen of the colourful birdlife. But not only birds - there was other animal life to be seen - including crocodiles. Paddling in water courses is apparently not to be undertaken lightly in The Gambia - as an egret discovered in one sequence of images!!

In the second half we visited Japan in winter - a wildlife record of a trip made by Nigel along with some other club members. By the end of the programme I for one was feeling extremely cold having seen images taken in horrendously low temperatures (bit of a difference to Nigel's African trips!). Here we met the famous snow monkeys - Japanese Macaques looking red-faced and freezing until enjoying the delights of a natural hot tub! And then there was the bird life - eagles and glaucous gulls predominating (there's a long word for a Monday morning!).

A superb evening - and a huge thank-you to Nigel for stepping in at the last minute!


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