Digital Competition No 2 "Architecture"

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Last week it wasn't only a month until Christmas it was also the second of our projected digital image competitions - this time the subject being "Architecture" - so lots of buildings and other constructions to be seen! And the judge? No other than he of the lilting Caledonian brogue - Stan McCartin - always welcome!

A great variety of buildings from creative viewpoints and with differing treatments - buildings lend themselves to the dramatic don't they! There were towering skyscrapers imaged in gritty monochromes as well as punchy colour; ancient and modern buildings, churches, civic buildings - all there and all the subjects of great images!

Stan as always did a great job judging these giving good, constructive criticism with more than a touch of his humour - and awarding a wide range of marks.

By the end of the evening there were four 20s awarded: "London Towers" by Ceri Jones, "Futuristic Footbridge" by Nigel Farmer, "Kew Palm House" by Tony Bates and "Twists and Turns" by Tilly Jamieson.

The top scorers were ...... in joint second place Nigel Farmer and Tony Bates, both gaining 38 points ....... and in first place with 39 points Ceri Jones!

Congratulations to all who entered and made this such a good evening - and thanks to Stan for being a great judge (yet again!).


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