Print Ladder competition: 'Curves'

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

It had to happen sometime didn't it? There we were, all waiting patiently for the competition to begin and - NO JUDGE!! Probably lost and still, as you read this, weaving round the countryside with the SatNav (mine's called Samantha by the way) constantly bleating "Turn around when possible"! Anyway - were we fazed? Nah! We called on the services of our very own Graham Piper - Vice Chair, secretary and now judge (no, he didn't have any pics entered).

So on to the competition itself. The subject was "Curves" and, as expected, there was a very wide interpretation of this ranging from architecture to the natural world and from landscapes to abstract! The quality of images was, as always, very high and Graham gave excellent comments and constructive criticisms on each of the images.

Congratulations to those who scored maximum points: Tony Bates in the monochrome section for his Flying Lady (how he got her to do that is still a mystery!) and in colour prints, Sally Waygood and Brian Jolley.

Congratulations to all those who took part (full results will soon be on the website) and, of course, our grateful thanks to Graham for standing in so brilliantly at, literally, the last minute!

Colour results
Position Author(s) Points
=1st Tony Bates 37
=1st Sally Waygood 37
2nd Brian Jolley 36
=3rd Nigel Fenner 35
=3rd Dorothy Wood 35
Monochrome results
Position Author(s) Points
1st Tony Bates 39
2nd Sylvia Blackmore 35
3rd Bill Scott 34

In the Monochrome section, 20 points were awarded to:

  • 'Portishead Flying Lady' by Tony Bates

In the Colour section, 20 points were awarded to:

  • 'Spinnaker Curve' by Sally Waygood and
  • 'Digital Illusion' by Brian Jolley


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