No Passport Required

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Not again! What?? Yes - it happened for the second week running - the booked speaker - this time Mike Wilkes - went down with the dreaded bug that's smiting folks left right and centre! Hope you recover soon Mike!

However - our gallant chairman once again assailed the BT airwaves and lo and behold - a replacement speaker at short notice!! The saviour of the programme this week was Ivor Porter who came all the way from wildest Eynsham to give us two superb presentations.

The first was called "No Passport Required" which looked at the flora and fauna of our own British Isles - examples of images of the natural world on our doorstep (so to speak). And what great images they were! Birds, butterflies, orchids of all types as well as other wild flowers and insects such as dragonflies. What was special about all of these images was their initial placing in the camera's viewfinder. Ivor's message to us all was "LIE DOWN!" (however we all sat up and took notice!) ie: get down to the same level as your subject - it makes a much more powerful image. Ivor also let us into the secrets as to how he captures his images - setting up perches for birds (laced with irresistible food); constructing a raised pool to capture reflections - and lying down of course!

In the second half of the evening Ivor took us a little further afield to where a passport certainly is required - North America - showing more stunning images of wildlife and this time of landscapes too. We travelled from the warm sunshine of Florida with its almost tame wildlife to the snows of the far north of the continent where we saw photographs of caribou, bison and bears. Finally - a series of images of the symbol of the USA - the bald eagle.

What an excellent evening! Thank you very much Ivor for stepping in at the last minute and for treating us to such great images and fascinating descriptions. No doubt we'll be seeing you again in the not-too-distant future!


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