An Evening With Steve Brabner

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Unfortunately Carole Scott was unable to join us and take us to Ethiopia last Wednesday due to illness, so our erstwhile chairman (bless 'im!) had to get on the phone quickly for a replacement speaker. What's more - he managed it in the form of Steve Brabner who came all the way from Amersham in the frozen north west of our area!

And what a good evening it was! Steve is an expert on digital imaging as we found out as he described the story behind each of his pictures. During the presentation he expounded (now there's a long word for this time in the evening!) his idea that to take really meaningful images of an area the photographer needs to stay there for an extended length of time. So in the first half he took us to New York where he rented an apartment for a month. Steve's photographs began with selfies and snapshots, developing into superbly creative images as he became more and more familiar with the area. And he told a good story too -adding in technical details such as the shot that was edited using somewhere in the region of 80 layers!!! In the second half a complete change of scenery as he took us to the south Pacific islands - extinct (we hope!) volcanoes, atolls with their coral reefs and white sands. Again staying there for a relatively long time, he treated us to great images of these sun-soaked, azure and white islands.

A superb evening Steve - thank you for coming at short notice to share your images, thoughts, ideas and technical expertise with us! Now - where's that brochure of Margate???


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