Print Competition No 1 (Open)

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Ha! The blogger's back (been called worse things)!!

And so to last Wednesday - 21st Oct and the scene of the first of our print competitions for this season. 'Twas of course an open subject - so a good variety if images then! And the man in the hot seat? ... Gordon Roberts who's experienced us a number of times (and survived to tell the tale!).

A superb array of 19 monochrome and 20 colour images awaited Gordon's scrutiny - covering all aspects from landscape to close detail to the natural world. Always a challenge for any judge - so how did Gordon do? Excellently is the answer! He gave a good critique of each image's photographic merits with constructive suggestions for possible improvement where and when necessary. He also awarded a good wide range of marks.

At the end of the evening we of course had the results (stating the bl.....g obvious). And here are the important bits.

Firstly - the much coveted 20s. There was one in each section as follows:

in monochrome ..... "Eastbourne Pier" by Tony Bates

and in colour ...... "Swanage Sunrise" by Sally Waygood

And now for the leading scorers. In monochrome, third place went to Ivor Cowley with a score of 34; second place to Nigel Farmer with 36 and in first place was Tony Bates with 39! In colour four members tied for second place with a score of 36: Sally Waygood, Nigel Farmer, Ian Nash and Ceri Jones. The winner here was Nigel Fenner with a score of 37!

Congrats to all - and our thanks to Gordon for a superb evening's judging.


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