Aiming For The Front Cover

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

What a superb evening we had last Wednesday! Our guest for the evening was award-winning portrait photographer Mark O'Leary all the way from the wilds of Basingstoke!

He began by recounting how he started way back as a babe in arms (well, perhaps a bit older than that!) with a small plastic box camera - some of us remember these well don't we - I had one from Woolworths!

From these beginnings, he says, he developed his keen interest in photography - and his style! The thing is - he's keeps doing well in competitions - the national ones that is! Apparently his prizes being mostly equipment helped to fund his dream camera. And of course he continues to win - just look at his website!

His fashion shots and portraits are simply superb - and it was fascinating to hear the back stories attached to each image. Added to his expertise in imaging, Mark's style of presentation is great - he kept us all well amused as well as giving us facts and technical details.

As you might gather - we enjoyed this visit and are now brimming with ideas for the next studio evening! We look forward to seeing you again at Whitchurch Hill Mark!


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