An Evening With Nigel Glover-Wright

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

An evening of spots, stripes, fangs and trunks - yes - it was Africa - this time in the company of our very own intrepid explorer Nigel Glover Wright - well worth braving the bushlands and savannahs of West Berkshire to come and see!

We know that Nigel has a self-confessed weakness for cheetahs and we weren't disappointed 'cos there were lots of them - especially great sequences of family groups featuring cute cubs! But they had severe competition tonight with the appearance of tree-climbing leopards (always fascinating to see how dangling one's legs from a branch can apparently be comfortable - looks highly painful to me!). And how on earth did Mum Leopard get that dead wildebeest up a tree for the kids' dinner? (answer: with extreme difficulty!). Competition also from that perennial favourite - elephants - especially when there's an ultra-cute tiny learning to be elephant-like! And mustn't forget the birds - a really good variety of colourful feathers - and of course there was Nigel's favourite - the aptly named superb starling! Some great landscapes too - giving a real sense of the African countryside - the habitat of these wonderful animals.

A superb evening Nigel - we all thoroughly enjoyed it and are now waiting for the results of your latest foray into Africa (must have done the raw conversions by now!!!).


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