While the Dormouse Sleeps and Macro Photography

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Good that the evenings are getting lighter isn't it! Makes getting to the club meetings even more enjoyable! Even better when we've got a speaker like the one last Wednesday - Andy Sands - a very well respected nature photographer all the way from darkest London! Got his own photographic shop too - now that must be a bonus!

Not only did Andy treat us to the most fantastic images - he's also got a tremendous knowledge of his 'models'! He describes each one in great detail - including its Latin name - and all without a single note - now that's impressive!

The title of the first half of his presentation was "While the Dormouse Sleeps" - and as we found out it sleeps for an awful long time - right the way from autumn to late spring - good way to miss Christmas eh? What Andy did was introduce us to all the things that are happening in the world outside the dormouse's nest during that time - so we saw how wildlife continues throughout the cold season through his superb images. What is really valuable to us as photographers is that he describes how he has taken the shots.

In the second half of the evening Andy concentrated on macro photography, describing and showing how he captures his images including the merits of macro lenses, extension rings etc. He also gave examples of his 'photo stacked' images - something we're familiar with thanks to our Macro Dave!

A really great evening - thank you Andy - we all look forward to your next visit!


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