Ecuador and the Galapagos

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now that was another good evening! We all flocked to the village hall at Whitchurch to join Colin Humphrey in a visit to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. He'd come all the way from deepest Devon too.

We started off on a tour of Ecuador - with maps thank goodness 'cos I for one get more than slightly muddled about the whereabouts of South American countries! Colin's images were superb. He's a keen ornithologist and so, unsurprisingly we were treated to great photographs of the bird life of that country - with each image being labelled. And not only the feathered life of Ecuador - he also showed us pictures of the landscape and of people and their lives including the festivals and pageants which seem to abound there!

Then a flight over the Pacific to the Galapagos Islands where we can all think about our origins! Here Colin produced superb images of the wildlife there including the usual suspects - the blue-footed boobies, the iguanas (which apparently sneeze unpleasantly if they don't like you!), the raptors and seabirds. It was surprising to learn that some of the birds are seasonal visitors from America who fly south and then take a right turn - obviously off on their holidays! It's a long flight though and if they're waders and not waterfowl they can't set down in the sea if the old wings get a bit tired - must be k*******d when they get there! All right for the ducks and geese though - they can have the odd rest! And then there were the giant tortoises and the sea lions - one in particular having, it would seem, distinctly amorous intentions towards Colin!!

It was a great evening which we all thoroughly enjoyed - thank you Colin - we look forward to seeing you again - and hope you had a good drive back to the deepest, darkest West Country!


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