An Evening With Ian and Peter

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now that was a really interesting evening - presented by two of our stalwart club members - Ian Nash and Peter Bean.

In the first half of the evening, Ian took us back well before the digital era - to the late 1950s in fact - just as he had left the army (and we all know of his knowledge and expertise regarding things military!). With some great photographic insights of him at the time, we were taken on board the P&O ship "Iberia" on a voyage to Australia taking the 'Ten Pound Poms' to settle there in the years following WW2. There were superb images of places along the route such as the Suez Canal, Aden and Naples to name but a few, not to mention the images Ian captured of Australia at the time! Equally as interesting were the pictures taken on board the ship - brought to life by Ian's fascinating commentary.

In the second half Peter took us on a journey to south west Alaska - especially the islands dotting that part of the State. Incredible to hear of people living virtually solitary lives on some of these islands - but what views from their windows!! Then there was the gold rush in the Klondike - evocative images and maps showing the journeys made by these fortune-seeking pioneers - just the thought of hauling a year's supplies and prospecting gear up anf down those mountains! Makes lugging a couple or so Nikons around (other makes are available!) quite wimpy really - don't it!! Lovely images too from Peter and Jean - with mountains and glaciers in abundance - but no sign of gold from them thar hills - not one teensy-weensy sample!!

A superb evening which we all enjoyed - many thanks Ian and Peter for sharing your images and experiences with us!


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