Slide/digital competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

On 16th March we all gathered together for the next ladder competition - or as Alfred, Lord Tennyson put it in his ballad about a French onion seller - the Lady of Shallot - "The CURVES is come upon me!". At least this time the judge turned up - Caroline Colgate from Bracknell (I used one of her family's products this morning!). Well - she's been here enough times, so no chance of getting lost!

Before starting on the judging, she made it very clear what her criteria was to be: i.e. first and foremost the subject - CURVES. Might be a stunning image - but no discernible curves would result in a marked lack of discernible points!

Again there was a wide interpretation of the subject and a very high overall standard of photography with some really beautiful images (as we have come to expect in our club!). Judging was clearly not going to be an easy task for Caroline! The subject matter ranged from architecture, the natural world and landscapes to still life and portraiture. Caroline's judging was clear with good, constructive criticisms and a wide range of marks from 13 to 20.

As usual I'll mention the 20s - so congratulations to Helen Richards and Joyce Storey in the Digital section for "Sweet and Juicy" and "Bendy Bench" respectively, and to Ian Lewis in the slides for "Curve Round the Pier". Those who came first, second and third are on the website - where you can also find the current ladders!


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