Wildlife Through a Lens

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

What a great evening we had last week!.... What?? .....You missed it??? .... Well - not many did 'cos we had a crowded hall including several visitors from other clubs .... So must have been worth coming!

Our visitor was a young professional wildlife photographer, Tom Way. First came across him selling his images in at a local craft market - then he paid his first visit to us in 2013, apparently not long after he'd started his photographic career!

So this evening he came with his presentation "Wildlife Through a Lens" ... and - WOW!!!

His images are truly stunning - here's a wildlife photographer who combines this skill with fine art work resulting in incredibly atmospheric pictures. He started with images captured in the British Isles - red squirrels (which are hard enough to find in the first place!), foxes, kingfishers and rutting red deer to name but a few. Tom uses long lenses at wide apertures so the animal stands out clearly against its background - very effective! Then there's his series of high key images of white mountain hares against snowy backgrounds - superb!

After the break he took us abroad - to Africa for shots of elephants, leopards, cheetahs, rhino - and the great migration of the wildebeest. Then to Borneo for orang-utans, the Falkland Islands for penguins and Finland for brown bears.

He now leads photographic expeditions and workshops in wildlife photography. Catch up with him on his website: www.tomwayphotography.co.uk

A superb evening, Tom - we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The only other comment I can make is ....

WAY TO GO!! ..... geddit??


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