Bleeding London

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Wot a good evenin' me old cock sparrer!! Our very own Nigel Farmer took us on a visit to the streets of London (no Ralph McTell impressions please!).

He works in this part of London see - and this gave him the chance to take part in the RPS's project to photograph all the streets in the City. The title - Bleeding London (or, to be more accurate - Bleedin' London!) - inspired by the Whitbread short-listed novel by Geoff Nicholson.

And what superb images he's produced - mostly in a gritty monochrome showing the fantastic architecture of the area. People are beautifully placed to add impact to the images - or even parts of people - legs, arms or shadows. Some of the architectural shots are even further enhanced by the judicious use of ND filters. Looking at the submissions on the RPS website there's no doubt that our man's produced some of the most striking work on display!

We really enjoyed this Nigel - thanks for sharing it with us!


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