An Evening With Neil and John

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

What a superb evening - first of 2015 - with the village hall bulging at the seams with eager club members come to see the offerings by our two intrepid photographers Neil Stewart and John Sexton!

In the first half we got close up and personal with the grizzly bears of Alaska care of Neil. Remote area too - not a McDonalds in sight!!!! Neil showed us some great images of these magnificent animals fishing to gorge themselves on salmon before hibernating. You suddenly realise how big they are - and as for the claws ....!!! You'll never look at the teddy on your bed the same ever again!! Superb scenery too with the rushing rivers against a background of forest and towering mountains - makes you come over all poetic don't it!!

In the second half we stayed in the Americas but this time dropped below the equator to Argentina and Chile in the company of John. We started at the hugely impressive Igazu Falls where the Igazu River (makes sense doesn't it!) suddenly drops over 200 feet! Interesting geographical point here too 'cos three countries meet here - Argentina (which has the lion's share of the falls), Brazil and Paraguay. Then way down south before heading up through Chile with the Andes (wonder if the lower slopes are the footies of the Andes??) towering above. Apparently the weather can be a bit dodgy here (bit like Manchester) but the scenery is magnificent!

Thank you Neil and John - we thoroughly enjoyed our evening in your company - really great images and fascinating facts with superb commentaries!


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