Red Kites in the Chilterns

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week we were treated to an evening soaring above the Chilterns with our ubiquitous red kites -courtesy of Ken Panchen who knows all about these things!

He started with facts about these birds of prey starting with what we know of their history - courtesy of medieval wood engravings showing them scavenging in cities. Then - persecution and near annihilation in Britain as a price was put on their heads! Finally - the success story of their reintroduction - focussing especially on the birds from Spain released in the Chilterns (bet they loved our weather!).

After the tea break - a video following a pair of kites through a breeding season from nest building, through egg laying and finally the development of the three youngsters (and weren't we pleased the little one made it!).

A great evening - and a superb insight into these birds we see above us every day. Thanks Ken - we really enjoyed it - almost made us burst into a chorus of 'Let's go fly a kite'!!


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