Cycling Across France - Caen to Cannes

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This evening - the phrase that comes to mind...."On yer bike!"

This was because the faithful gathered at the village hall for an evening with Steve Rock who came all the way from Goring! No - not to tell us about his journey over from there but of a cycle trip he made starting from our riverside neighbour and finishing among the beautiful(?) people at Cannes!

His presentation was called "Cycling Across France - Caen to Cannes" - the French version of Coast to Coast! Leaving the ferry at Caen, he told us the story of his journey in images and narrative. What a variety of roads! There were the long, straight tree-lined ones typical of France, back roads which degenerated into muddy lanes - and leg-tormenting mountain passes through the south of the country! We were introduced to the people he met en route (bit of the lingo there y'see!) - cyclists heading to Spain, Istanbul and Malta (wonder if they managed to get to these places?). There were the places he stayed at and meals he enjoyed - (but all to a strict timescale 'cos he was booked on to the train from Cannes!). He even found the time (and energy) to explore off-route byways!! At when he reached the Mediterranean and Cannes - it was festival time! Then it was on the train to Paris and Eurostar to London. A quick bike ride from St Pancras to Paddington - then the train to Goring - then just a short pedal home!!

A lovely evening Steve - we all thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to seeing other far-flung places you've cycled to!!


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