How To Create A Digital AV Sequence

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Two club meetings in one week! Wow! There's a treat!

So we all gathered together once more at the village hall (still getting used to the novelty of crossing the bridge!) for an evening of learning about audio-visual production.

And who better to lead the evening I ask myself (or anybody else for that matter) but the master himself - Ian Bateman FRPS!

Ian is probably the acknowledged expert in AV work and has exhibited his work internationally!

He took us through each stage of producing a sequence using Pictures To Exe (other programs are available!) which a number of club members use. He demonstrated using the latest version which has full sound editing capabilities on the timeline.

Entertaining and informative - that's how I would describe the evening - and judging by members' comments - that's what they thought too!

Now all we've got to do is get down to some producing - after all there's the annual AV competition coming up on 16th December (be here sooner than you think too!) - so happy synchronicity to you all - and many thanks to Ian for such a superb evening. We look forward to seeing you again sometime!

PS: don't forget that our esteemed chairman is leading a session in using Audacity for adding sound to AV in the not - too - distant future!!


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