An Introduction to Basic Photography

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now this was an evening that was good for the photographic soul wasn't it! Sinclair Scott, president of the Witney Photo Group took us back to the basics of photography - things we need to consider when capturing our images.

He took us through the workings of a digital camera looking at different types and their sensors, moving on to the all-important glassware on the front of the camera. We looked at aperture linked to focal length and the effect of differential focussing - should the image be pin-sharp throughout or just the important bits?? - those things that go through our minds before we press the shutter release! He also took us through the basics of composition including the all-important rule of thirds (and when to break it for effect!).

I felt it was like a dose of photographic medicine (nice tasting though!) making us all, whatever our experience and expertise, think a bit more carefully before capturing that pic!!

Incidentally - our esteemed chairman has emailed Sinclair's presentation to all - so we can refresh at will!


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