Digital Competition No1

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now you feel the season's really under way don't you .... Why? ....'cos this was the first of our ladder competitions .... That's why!

No subject for tonight's projected images competition - so members could enter whatever they wanted! No shortage of subject matter here then! The judge for tonight - faced with such a variety of images was Barbara Lydiatt who came all the way from Gerard's Cross (or a little annoyed anyway). She began the evening by showing some of her pictures - more precisely of her car wot came off second best against a falling tree!!

And now on to our images - and what a range Barbara had to deal with, everything from portraits to landscapes. She commented constructively on each one before awarding marks. Full range of marks too - everything from 13 to 20!

A great evening - and if you want to see the results you'll have to visit our website - congratulations to all who took part and made this such a good evening! And thanks Barbara for your excellent judging! Just watch out for old trees!!!


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