Walking Across England

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Lovely innit! The reappearance of The Bridge that is - can't believe I got to the village hall so quickly, A quick "Hurrah!" is deserved I think!

Right - now for the evening's happenings. We were visited by Graham Horn who's a Blue Badge Guide (do they do tours of blue plaques I wonder?). But Graham wasn't here to talk about taking tourists around - oh no - he was here to tell us about his walk across England following the Macmillan Way from Boston (famous for its "Stump") to Abbotsbury (famous for its swans). This was definitely a scenic walk - lovely views along the way and Graham was even joined by friends from time to time. Interesting to see the gradual change in scenery and building materials as the journey wended its way - explained by means of a geological map!

A wonderful walk Graham - and in such a good cause too - doubly worth it! We enjoyed this evening - come back sometime with another adventure!


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