Selection Evening

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings


Yes - for the first time in a year we were able to climb into our cars and actually drive to the club!! (says he who's stoically driven the long way round all year!). Looks good too, doesn't it - all pristine and clean!

Ok - now on to the really important stuff - the goings-on at Whitchurch Hill Camera Club!

This evening our gallant members gathered to decide which of the submitted prints and digital images will be representing the club at outside competitions. We started with the prints - studying each with clipboard and scoresheet in hand to pick 15 (and they were all excellent - so a hard job there!). Then a show of hands for each counted by our illustrious Chairman ably assisted by Nigel Glover-Wright in his capacity as Vice-Chair.

After coffee - the same procedure (though without the physical bit of getting out of one's seat and walking around) - the images being shown on our nice shiny new projector several times so we didn't have to try and remember each one!

We saw some beautiful images - some we were fairly familiar with from last season and some were new - a really difficult job to choose! And which were selected? Ah - you'll have to come to the competitions to find out!!

......... OH - AND DID I SAY THE BRIDGE IS OPEN??? !!!


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