From Digital to Darkroom

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now this was definitely different ... what was? I hear you ask ..... this evening's presentation - that's what!

Oh ... and it was also the last Wednesday of no bridge!!! Hurrah!!!

Our presenter (who took ages for our revered Chairman to introduce - 'cos of his impressive history) was Alun Johnson - picture editor of The Independent. His presentation was called "From Digital to Darkroom" and traced the history of photo journalism up to the present day - fascinating stuff! We started with how it used to be done from the time of the Crimean War - plate cameras - processing in the field - the mind just boggles! Alun then developed ('scuse the pun!) this to show how equipment became more portable - eventually culminating in 35mm cameras which caught the action on film - transportable and process-able! We looked at the way this enabled the development of publications such as Picture Post and the "heat of the action" shots by war correspondents.

And Alun's message to us? It's all about seeing the picture - which can sometimes be contained within a previous photo. Just what he has to do as a picture editor!

A great evening - thoroughly enjoyable and really "meaty". Thanks Alun - hope we see you again!


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