Opening Night

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This was it then...wot we'd been waiting for...the first meeting of the new season! Hurrah! The other thing wot we've been waiting for hasn't quite happened the reappearance of the bridge...but fear not gentle's imminent!

There he was - conducting proceedings as ever - yes - our esteemed Chairman...Mr Alan Copeland! What was on offer tonight? Well, firstly a look at images taken during the summer evening outdoor meetings. Lovely to look back at the places we'd been to - interesting how we all go to the same place at the same time and come out with something completely different! Great isn't it!

In the second half (after someone who shall remain nameless but who is typing at this very moment) drove all the way home to pick up a memory stick he'd forgotten to bring - we looked at a variety of members' images and the aforementioned Chairman (who is a judge) gave his comments on each. The difference this time was that this time we could reply! Ha! And we did!

A good start to the season - and lovely to see y'all again - and a special welcome to new members - you'll love it here!

Lastly - a word about the camera club's exhibition being held at Pangbourne Library from 12th - 20th September - we look forward to seeing everybody there!


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