Eccentric London

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now this really was worth the long and dangerous trek over the crocodile infested waters of the Thames! What was it? Nothing less than the EVENT OF THE YEAR!!!!

Yes - the one and only Mr Alan Copeland - connoisseur of the quirky and curious - and erstwhile chairman of our illustrious club with his summer offering entitled "Eccentric London"!

And what oddities there are in our fair capital! There are odd-shaped buildings which defy the laws of gravity and shouldn't stand up - buildings such as City Hall - home to Boris - or the one which reflects so much heat downwards it melts cars - known for its peculiar shape as The Walkie Talkie!!!

We heard how our Alan - clad in shorts (??!!) and sandals (with or without socks?) boldly strode into public and private buildings to take photographs. Sometimes this seemed to work (City Hall) and sometimes he was shown the door (Lloyds of London)... but did it dampen his spirit? Not on your life!! We were taken amongst other places to Trafalgar Square where, a few years ago the Victory in a bottle sat on the spare plinth (hope Nelson was chuffed!) and where, in one corner, is the smallest police station (for the smallest policeman?)

Surely, though, the strangest thing we saw was the inside of the explorer Richard Burton's tomb in a cemetery in Mortlake - viewable via a ladder and window - and there was his coffin in a room complete with a wall mirror!! The tomb itself -a stone Bedouin tent - was designed by Isobel his wife, whose coffin can also be seen in there!!

Thanks Alan for a really fascinating evening - plenty of audience participation (aka heckling!) and a host of really interesting facts! We'll have you back again sometime!


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