Mostly Nature

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Ah! Daylight's getting longer so all those poor people having to trek over the "temporary" footbridge (well we hope it's temporary!) can do so with lighter hearts and a spring in their step (says he who's steadfastly driven his car the long way round since the commencement of work!).

And what was the springy step taking them to this week? An evening of stunning nature photography - that's wot! The guest speaker/photographer was Keith Polwin who had travelled all the way up from deepest Basingstoke to be with us.

Keith presented us with a superb collection of images depicting the natural world. Many of these were of birds - perched and in flight. And then there were the dragonflies and damselflies - with superb colours and details. Not only the images either - 'cos Keith talked to us about each photograph with details of how it was taken.

The talk was called "Mostly Nature" - and having seen Keith's pictures of the natural world for most of the evening we could be forgiven for wondering about the title. But then he presented a selection of images which included portraits and artworks!

A great evening Keith - absolutely great images - and I'm sure we'll see you back here sometime!


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