A Landscape For All Seasons

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

What a riveting evening! (rivets - makes me think of the bridge - or lack of it!!!). This was well worth the trek up to the wilds of Whitchurch wasn't it! Last day of April too (which has absolutely nothing to do with anything).

We spent this evening in the company of photographer Tony Worobiec FRPS (ask the chairman how to pronounce it - Worobiec not FRPS!). This man is highly esteemed in the photographic world and after an evening viewing his stunning images you can see why! This evening's subject was "A Landscape For All Seasons" in which Tony took us through a wide range of his landscape images, describing how each was conceived, composed and photographed. Both he and his wife travel extensively and the images seen were from a number of locations - and as the title of the evening suggested - it encompassed all the seasons of the year! Many of the images he showed were striking in their simplicity of composition - just the sort of thing you'd hang on your wall (well - I would anyway!)

A great evening Tony - the second we've enjoyed in your company - and we look forward eagerly to the next time! (and by that time we may be able to pronounce your name - we're starting lessons on it).


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