posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

A bit of travelling to far-off places this evening! Burma in fact - courtesy of our very own Rachel Paton who went there last November (apparently that's a good time to go there 'cos it's not chucking it down with rain then - unlike here last winter!).

We had a very useful bit of background information first - especially regarding the recent history of the country. Rachel reminded us that like a lot of countries it changed its name fairly recently and is now Myanmar (apparently pronounced meow-anmar - just remember Burmese cats - sorry Mr Nash!).

Rachel then took us on a tour of the country by means of some beautiful images. There were some great portraits of the local inhabitants too - most of whom seemed to love being photographed. Several of Rachel's images featured the ubiquitous Buddhist monks - many of whom were young boys - some very young indeed - dressed in their orange robes. Then there were the fishermen balancing on the stern of their boats with one foot wrapped round the oar to leave both hands free for handling the nets! Try that Oxford and Cambridge!

A really fascinating and informative evening - thank you for sharing your images and knowledge with us Rachel!


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